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AnnMarie and Emily perform a piano duet

 Did you know that music  helps individuals with Alzheimer’s to remember new verbal information? Or that it can help them access old memories? 

Check out some pictures from the Sunday concert at Magnolia. AnnMarie and Emily Halsell performed a piano duet, and Aden Anderson performed on the violin. There was alsoa beautiful harp and vocal performance.  Thank you to all of the young musicians!
Music therapy is good for everyone!

Beautiful vocal and harp performance


So tell us, what music brings back wonderful memories for you?



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It can be hard, especially for young children and teens, to know how to interact with a relative with Alzheimer’s or Memory Loss. The Alzheimer’s Association has a great kids and teens page with a list of 101 ways to spend time with a person with Alzheimer’s.  Check it out and have some quality time with a loved one!

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Janet shared with us about her experience with the Magnolia care home when we stopped by to see her on her lunch break a couple weeks ago. Watch this heart-moving video review as she shares a bit about her father’s life, his accomplishments and the time he spent in the assisted living Magnolia home. Thanks so much for sharing with us Janet!

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